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  • Four new Internet-in-a-Box Deployments

    Braddock Gaskill - Thu 17 October 2013 -


    Four new Internet-in-a-Box devices are now on their way to school deployments in Sierra Leone (2), Malawi, and Kiribati!

    These join our prior deployments in Haiti (2), Sierra Leone, Pakistan, and Los Angeles.

    In addition, the Unleashed Kids project is preparing to ship hard drives containing Internet-in-a-Box as a bonus ...

  • Successful deployment in Sierra Leone

    Braddock Gaskill - Mon 01 July 2013 -


    Finally heard back from the school in Sierra Leone! Looks like they are up and running well with Internet-in-a-Box. Sent us some nice pictures of the students using it to learn about osmosis.

    Our contact wants more IIAB devices for the other schools he works with there.

    So we have ...

  • OLPC Hackathon

    Braddock Gaskill - Mon 13 May 2013 -


    I've been working with a really great group of half a dozen OLPC volunteers up here in a big farmhouse in Ontario, Canada.

    This group is developing a server configuration called School Server XS-CE. Their server provides DHCP, web filtering, chat, NAT firewall, backup, and other services for schools ...

  • Deployed! Twice! News!

    Braddock Gaskill - Fri 03 May 2013 -


    I just got back from the first Internet-in-a-Box deployment at a school for kids in a women's shelter. They were thrilled to have the Internet-in-a-Box and a dozen One Laptop Per Child laptops.

    Everything worked out of the box. I set them up with a GoFlex Home wired device ...

  • Internet-in-a-Box Deployment Opportunities

    Braddock Gaskill - Mon 22 April 2013 -

    Just a note to keep you all in the loop on recent developments with the Internet-in-a-Box.

    We are planning to make an initial deployment with the OLPC folks to a school at a women's shelter in the LA area in the next few weeks. OLPC will be setting up ...

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