Internet-in-a-Box Deployment Opportunities

Braddock Gaskill - Mon 22 April 2013 -

Just a note to keep you all in the loop on recent developments with the Internet-in-a-Box.

We are planning to make an initial deployment with the OLPC folks to a school at a women's shelter in the LA area in the next few weeks. OLPC will be setting up the school with 10 to 20 XO laptops (the shelter does NOT want internet access, but are very interested in IIAB).

This will be a "Wired" device (GoFlex Home) connected either to their own network or via a wireless router (like I had for the LUG presentation). I can be there on-site to help with setup, and OLPC has a volunteer who goes there weekly who can monitor things.

Separately, a network engineer from Sierra Leone who made it to the LUG wants to deploy to two schools when he returns there in mid-May. The schools have existing computers and a LAN, so this will be another Wired device deployment.

The OLPC engineer working in Lesotho and Rwanda also wants a device to try himself in early May, but may not be back to Africa to deploy it until January.

I am talking with developers on two separate OLPC server projects (seems to be an internal schism). One fork has _10,000_ installed servers, mostly in South America. I would like to make IIAB an installable "module" that can work with their existing server deployments, maybe with the addition of an external hard drive.

OLPC Socal is giving me an XO-1 laptop this week on indefinite loan to test with.

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