Internet-in-a-Box brings the power of a free Digital Library of Alexandria into the hands of any school, hospital, or library worldwide.

Internet-in-a-Box is also used in medical clinics, as can be seen in this Dominican Republic video:

In short, Internet-in-a-Box brings the very best of the World’s Free Knowledge (Wikipedia, Khan Academy, OpenStreetMap, E-Books and many others) to those who are offline — e.g. anybody nearby with an old smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Internet-in-a-Box is in use in more than 20 countries, including remote mountain villages in India.

You can install an Internet-in-a-Box "knowledge hotspot" anywhere in the world — even under solar power, using very diverse hardware. Here is just one example, using a terabyte hard drive with built-in hotspot:

IIAB built with HDD

Here is another example, using a $35 Raspberry Pi 3 computer, one of our favorites among several hardware recommendations:

IIAB built with Raspberry Pi 3

Medical clinics prefer Internet-in-a-Box built with the $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W computer:

IIAB built with Raspberry Pi Zero W

You can buy one of several common versions, or better yet create the digital library needed by your school, your region and/or your very own family!

Internet-in-a-Box provides you the tools to DIY (download and customize) this offline Wi-Fi "knowledge hotspot" or server, adding the quality content you need — whether locally sourced or downloaded.

Quality Content

Our Admin Console shows you the latest Content Packs that are installable in the languages you need, e.g. from online "libraries" like Kiwix and OER2Go, and then takes care of all the details downloading and installing for you over the coming hours.

See these live demo examples as used by medical clinics in 2018, hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia).

In addition, creative schools can choose among 30 powerful education apps for teachers and students, optionally with a complete LMS (learning management system).

Easy Install

The free and open source software to install your own Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB) is available from and

Please see "What are the best places for community support?" at FAQ.IIAB.IO which has 40+ questions and answers to help you along the way, as you put together the digital knowledge hotspot most suitable for your own community.

Implementers should also read our technical documentation and watch the growing collection of Internet-in-a-Box HOW-TO videos on our YouTube channel.

Friendly Community

Internet-in-a-Box is a community product enabled by professional volunteers working side-by-side with schools, clinics and libraries around the world — and the Wikipedia community especially — thank you everyone for proudly and humbly being part of this new humanitarian grassroots technology movement.

Please consider how you might assist and make a difference in this epic cause (21st century literacy). It's quite astonishing how far we've come since Internet-in-a-Box's original demo in 2013 — and how far we will go if you too can help:

Thank you everyone for enabling offline access to the Internet and the World's Free Knowledge jewels — as well as "Sneakernet-of-Alexandria" distribution of local/indigenous content — when our hyperconnected modernity does not always serve grassroots or global voices.

If you can help in any capacity, we hope to hear from you soon !