Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB) welcomes your help building and delivering digital libraries for all. There are so many ways for individuals and organizations to get involved and keep in touch.

While our Technical Contributors Guide focuses primarily on software developers, we greatly welcome contributions from educators, medical professionals, librarians, international development and IT/QA/UX people of all kind!

  1. Read "How can I help?" in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ.IIAB.IO)

  2. Join our technology and learning/design mailing lists

  3. Contribute to our weekly calls

  4. Nurture & strengthen our longstanding grassroots community support culture

  5. Look through our GitHub milestones and issues to find a task that fits your skills:

    • Coding
    • Content Curation
    • Documentation
    • Graphic Design
    • Testing
    • Translation
    • Usability Design (UX)
  6. Get in touch regarding Internet-in-a-Box strategic alliances or partnerships: Adam Holt <>