Mandela's Library of Alexandria

Internet-in-a-Box “learning hotspots” are used in dozens of countries, to give everyone a chance, e.g. in remote mountain villages in India.

It works without internet — like a community fountain, but for the mind — wirelessly serving anyone nearby with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Now you too can put the internet in a box and customize it with the very best free content for your school, clinic or family!

Handheld portable hard disk, that includes a Wi-Fi hotspot
Internet-in-a-Box = Learning Gems + Local Wi-Fi
Raspberry Pi in a clear case, connected to an orange battery bank
Internet-in-a-Box on a $35 Raspberry Pi computer, our most popular!
Medical and Health Internet-in-a-Box (Raspberry Pi Zero W in a red and white case)
Clinics prefer the $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W
Man working with Internet-in-a-Box home page

Easy Install

Try Mexico's live demo and our medical examples used by clinics in Asia and Africa especially, as hosted by Wikipedia.

If you have a Raspberry Pi, install a recent Internet-in-a-Box direct to your microSD card. On a Linux PC, install Internet-in-a-Box from Our free and open source software is available from

Don't forget to install OpenStreetMap and Satellite Photos for your continent or region(s). Also read our tech docs and consider our YouTube channel.

Check out “What are the best places for community support?” at FAQ.IIAB.IO with ~50 questions and answers — as you put together the best digital learning hotspot, Most Suitable For Your Community!

Internet-in-a-Box learning content examples

Quality Content

Internet-in-a-Box shows you the latest Content Packs installable in the languages your community needs (from online libraries like Kiwix, OER2Go, then takes care of all the downloading details for you!

Which eye-opening YouTube and Vimeo learning videos do your kids truly need? You choose! Pick channels with mind-altering documentaries and unforgettable radio episodes, created by the very best teachers worldwide.

Schools can also choose among almost 40 powerful apps for teachers and students — optionally with a complete LMS (learning management system) like Kolibri, Moodle, Nextcloud, Sugarizer or WordPress.

Two Haitian schoolgirls working on a laptop

Friendly Community

Internet-in-a-Box is a community product enabled by professional volunteers working side-by-side with schools, clinics and libraries around the world — and the Wikipedia community especially.

Thank you everyone for humbly being part of this OFF.NETWORK grassroots learning movement.

Please consider how you too might assist this epic effort. It's astonishing how far we've come since Internet-in-a-Box's original demo in 2013!