Mandela's Library of Alexandria
Axim, Ghana (fishing community)


Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB) greatly welcomes your help building and delivering digital libraries for ALL.

If you're an individual or organization wanting to help, please do make contact! While our Technical Contributors Guide focuses primarily on software developers — we also need educators, medical professionals, librarians, international development and IT/QA/UX people of all kind:

  1. See “How can I help?” in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ.IIAB.IO).
  2. Look through our GitHub milestones and issues and get in touch to explore tasks relevant to your talents:

    Backend Dev
    Content Curation
    Curricular Alignment
    Field Support
    Frontend Dev
    Graphic Design
    Logo Design
    Software Testing
    Solar Power
    Teacher Training
    Usability Design (UX)
    Video Production
    Web Scraping
  3. Nurture & strengthen our longstanding grassroots community support culture.
  4. Get in touch regarding Internet-in-a-Box strategic alliances or partnerships: Adam Holt <>

Thank you everyone who's enabling offline access to the Internet and the World's Free Knowledge jewels — as well as “Sneakernet-of-Alexandria” distribution of local/indigenous content — when hyperconnected modernity does not always serve...

If you can help in any capacity, we hope to hear from you soon!